About Us

Hangar Hideout is a car YouTube channel that mixes informative (kinda) videos with comedy. We have busy lives and families to care for, so with the limited free time we have, we like to spend it in the garage!

Watch us as we do things from routine maintenance to building 1,000 hp plus street cars! We think punch lines are greater than knowledge around here so you may not learn much but we hope to make you smile!

Mike (Paulman) and Mike (Recchia) started Hangar Hideout, not in a garage, but in an airplane hangar where we would work on our cars plus others. After getting kicked out of the hangar, probably because of our dad jokes, we moved back to working in our garages where we work on a 2000 Corvette with a Vortech supercharger and a 2016 Corvette with a Procharger. 

Stay tuned for future racecars to be built on Hangar Hideout!